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01. Relationship of dot, line and plane
02. Dot
03. Constellations
04. Line
05. Grids & Patterns
06. Shapes
07. Openings (shapes within shapes)
08. Colour
09. The colour wheel & natural order of colours
10. Color Harmony
11. Texture
12. Light & Shade, Shadows
13. Three-dimensional form
14. Voids
15. Space
16. Composition
17. Principles of basic design
18. Proportion and Scale


14. Voids

Negative- or non-spaces formed by the creation of geometric forms and shapes can be considered as geometric voids. These play a very important role in the final composition, because geometric forms have sharp outlines and adjust themselves in the space articulation. To counterbalance the dynamic interplays of form and space, voids become significantly important. As the passive by-products of the creation, they provide the yang (of the presence of absence) to the yin (of very active, bold shapes).

Generated by the creation of organic shapes and forms, they together behave like hands in gloves, where the forms are the hands and the voids are the gloves. As the hand moves or changes its position, the glove also shifts and has to adjust to the new position. Created by smooth, flowing forms and shapes, organic voids are also free flowing and gentle.

Almost all design activities suggest and allow interaction between solids and voids. However, solids and voids may not be absolute values; at times solids will be seen more as semi-solids and voids as semi-voids. In architecture, particularly, semi-solids and semi-voids become significantly important: a structure with openings and fenestrations is a semi-solid; a balcony, a pergola or a space-frame is a semi-void. In other art and design disciplines, however, semi-voids and semi-solids will always remain ambiguous elements, co-existing in the pattern imposed upon them.



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