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01. Relationship of dot, line and plane
02. Dot
03. Constellations
04. Line
05. Grids & Patterns
06. Shapes
07. Openings (shapes within shapes)
08. Colour
09. The colour wheel & natural order of colours
10. Color Harmony
11. Texture
12. Light & Shade, Shadows
13. Three-dimensional form
14. Voids
15. Space
16. Composition
17. Principles of basic design
18. Proportion and Scale


3. Constellations (Gestalt's Principles)

From the regular placement of motifs on a field of dots, we proceed to a kind of arrangement that dispenses with field-pattern altogether. Designs such as these would depend to a greater degree on intuition and spontaneous decisions.

Objects, shapes, figures and qualities are related to one another perceptually by certain principles, due to which we are able to create order out of optical chaos. These principles are: a) Proximity or nearness (similarity of location); b) Similar form pattern, as well as size, colour, and texture; c) Similarity of Principle of direction, orientation, continuance or speed; and d) Closure.

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