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01. Relationship of dot, line and plane
02. Dot
03. Constellations
04. Line
05. Grids & Patterns
06. Shapes
07. Openings (shapes within shapes)
08. Colour
09. The colour wheel & natural order of colours
10. Color Harmony
11. Texture
12. Light & Shade, Shadows
13. Three-dimensional form
14. Voids
15. Space
16. Composition
17. Principles of basic design
18. Proportion and Scale


1. Relationship of dot, line and plane

If you were to analyse the natural and man-made environment, you would soon discover that the simplest object is the dot or point. The dot is generally small and uncomplicated in shape. If the dot is extended in its primary dimension of length, the object is known as a line. The linear object may be straight or curved, regular or irregular. However, when a line encloses itself, it has two primary dimensions; length and breadth. The resulting object is known as a planar shape. These shapes can be organic or inorganic or biomorphic. When a plethora of shapes are developed in a third primary direction, it is known as a solid or a more limited form.


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