This section is provided to assist you to use the site. The site consists of three main divisions i.e.

a. Theory - deals with all kinds of subjects that require knowledge and understanding of the basic theory of Art in Architecture. For a first year student of architecture this is of great importance.
This section consists of four sub-sections:
1. Art in Arch
2. Core Theory
3.Visual Perception
4. Visual Studies

b. Workshop - is a collection of work done by past students. Here you will find a list of 22 topics of basic design (called as Workshop) for which work has been done. Each such topic page has three significant parts:

  • Explanation - of the concept of the workshop topic.
  • Actual Exercise - that the student has been asked to perform keeping in mind the
    topic and the task.
  • Retrospective Analysis - is the analytical study of the task and the concept
    reflected through it. It is the reflection of basic design fundamentals used.

c. Slide Gallery- Slide gallery consists of the slides related to various topics available in the workshop. It is sorted out topicwise. When you click on any of the slide attached to its related topic, you are taken to the slide page of that particular topic and can further get a clear view of the slide after clicking on it.

The links are presented to you in order to make your movement easy throughout the site. There are also links available at the bottom of the pages for your feedback.