Art in architecture
What is art?
What is aesthetics?
Can we define art?
Architecture as an art


The issue of aesthetics in architecture basically concerns with philosophical difference between following two sentences:
"spaces in architecture".
"Architecture in the spaces".
The very criteria, which differentiates the meaning of these two sentences, is actually the aesthetics of architecture. Every three-dimensional composition, which also has architectural qualities, deals with the placement of objects in spaces, either outdoor or indoor or deals with the division of space. Any work of building construction, which has liveable spaces, need not have architectural qualities. Architecture is actually the art of space arrangement. Beginners to the course of architecture might get thoroughly confused, with the introduction of the word "art" as synonymous to the meaning of architecture. This is the time for the first year students of architecture to clearly understand the meaning of the word "art".

What is art?

Etymologically speaking the word "art" seems to have been derived from the Latin language. Ars, in the ancient Latin language means "skill" or " craft". Until the 17th-century, the word Ars (plural of which is artes) was used as the mastery over carpentry, pottery and the skills of metalwork. Later in the 18th-century, this word "Ars" in the Latin language was used to describe the mastery over the literary skills, like grammar and the art of expression etc. Around the 19th-century, the art philosophers had taken birth. Since then the term aesthetics has emerged and the word art is being used to describe something which gives you an aesthetic experience.


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