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Note From The Editorial Consultant.

Jim SamuelBasic Design is one the most important of subjects in the study of architecture & it has also often been one of the most challenging of subjects to communicate in a systematic & effective manner. The present work titled "Artinarch" by "Sir"- as his past & present students affectionately call Shirish Sukhatme, is a definite turning point in the study on the subject of Basic Design, especially with respect to architecture.

The style of expression is primarily conversational & the language has been kept as simple as it could be without compromising on the sense of the thought expressed. The site is especially aimed at helping first year students of architecture and the graphics are downloadable for further study and analysis. It has been my privilege to be an "Editorial Consultant" to this work.

The site is expected to be "inter-active" incorporating additional graphics & thoughts on the subject periodically, thereby retaining value for students & professionals to keep visiting the site. This valuable resource now being readily available, the onus is on the faculty for Basic Design all over India to seize this opportunity and carry their teaching & communication onto a new level. I am expecting a definite improvement in the designs and works of the students, from now on.

This time, in print -A very heart felt "THANK YOU" to Mr. Sukhatme.

Architect J. Samuel.
M. Arch., Chief Design Consultant, DG.
[Visiting Faculty for Basic Design in L.B.H.S. C.O.A.]



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