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Actual Exercise

Any kind of linear material can be put to use for this exercise. Bamboo sticks, threads, thick or thin galvanized wires and linear materials like straws can be assembled (tied). After the basic structural skeleton is achieved, students can explore hyperbolic or parabolic planes by tying threads connecting the planes.

There is nothing more forceful than a two-dimensional line on paper or a three-dimensional line in space. The purpose of a line is to demarcate the limit. The principle of proximity, as explained in Gestalt theory of visual perception, is the main reason why demarcated space looks like one cohesive space. Visual artists, architects and sculptors have been exploiting this aspect of visual perception. The sculptures made out of mere line (wire) look amazing. Our mind is surprised with the designer's ability to use minimum amount of materials and encompassment of maximum space. Ordinary mild steel railings, window grilles, etc. are the three-dimensional line composition. Tensile structures like bridges, telephone and television towers are nothing but a kind of wire sculpture.

Design Application    


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