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6. Goals of basic design studies

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• To increase your visual perception.

• To develop your sensitivities to spatial relationships.

• To help to recognise and differentiate psychological, physiological and emotional responses to visual art products.

• To help the student to develop an innate understanding of visual art concepts.

• To push your visual vocabulary beyond "I like it" or "I don't like it".

• To refine your visual semantics.

• To broaden your scope with respect to tools, equipment, materials, processes, medium selection, techniques, etc.

• To encourage you to establish appropriate standards of composition, content and craftsmanship.

• To prepare you to define and depend on your own standards of aesthetic judgement and value.

• To make you aware of many of the images and forms of art and design.

• To encourage you to interact meaningfully and share ideas with fellow students and not merely to compete with them.

• To aid you in developing criteria for making visual aesthetic decisions in relation to your work, and your choice of personal objects and the purchases of future objects.


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