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3. Search for new design methodology

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Unfortunately, one has to admit that there is no single design methodology, which would satisfy the two important parameters of architecture - function and aesthetics. Generally visually mediocre designs are justified as an economical compromise. Actually, if analysed objectively, one can prove that, good proportions, good colour schemes, good textures (not necessarily costly) will give rise to a visually pleasing architectural form. The problem lies in the design methodology which most students as well as practicing architects adopt. To start designing means to start drawing plans, sections and elevations. The final solution is actually an outcome of the imaginative power of the designer. The ability of the mind to generate more and more two-dimensional as a well as three-dimensional images is the real strength of the designer. The visual vocabulary of forms, shapes and figures is the raw material of any visual artist. The mental ability to generate non-figurative, abstract images gives an architect much wider power as a visual designer. Beginners in the field of any visual design (no matter whether he is going to be a commercial artist or a photographer or a fine artist or maybe an interior designer or an architect has to have the distinct mental quality to produce a number of images in the mind (although he finally makes the choice of a few) to be developed as a final product.


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