The aspects of visual perceptions must be understood when we talk of the mental ability of designer to generate images. Research has shown that knowledge has been acquired by philosophers and psychologists in the subject of visual perception. Very interestingly, philosophers and psychologists have more clarity than visual designers about the process of visual perceptions and visual images in the mind of an artist. Psychologists as well as painters claim that they are not thinkers. Painters like to call themselves as creators, doers and makers.

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Most of the thinking is done between their work of art. Some external force forces them to think about abstractions, for example the desire to do something " new" or to "reject " what is existing, is actually the aim of the visual artist or the designer. This search for something "new" is, most of the times, an "accidental" process. That is why most artists or painters feel that the success that their work of art achieves is actually still to be received. And that is why artists reject praise. Most of the philosophical reasoning given by well-known painters has emerged after the paintings are done and not before completion.

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