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Teaching Hours  
Lecture : ------
Studio : 256 periods of 45 mins. each (192 Hours)
Sessional Marks  
Internal : 100
External : 100 (by external examination - jury)
Examination Scheme  
Duration : ------
Marks Max. : ------
Marks Min. : ------



  1. Course in Basic Design shall be conducted by giving small time assignments of the
    duration of 15 to 20 days each (total 10 to 12 Nos. in a year).
  2. Each assignment shall be aimed at teaching the principles of Aesthetics and Visual Design and its application in Architectural forms and spaces.
  3. Goals and Objectives of each assignment shall be made clear to the students
    before starting the assignment.
  4. There shall be transparency in process of evaluation and students shall be made aware about the visual merits and demerits of their work / submissions.
  5. Each assignment shall have a meaningful sequence with the previous assignments and the next assignment.


  1. Principles of Visual Compositions : The assignment shall be aimed at understanding and using principles like Repetition, Rhythm, Radiation, Focal point, Symmetry, Asymmetry, Background, Foreground, Sense of Direction, Harmony, Balance and Proportion.
  2. Elements of Visual Composition : Assignment shall be aimed at understanding the role of the above mentioned basic elements of visual design existing in paintings, compositions, murals, sculptures, buildings and in nature.
  3. Exploring Colour Schemes and its application on Architectural Forms & Spaces : Assignment on Colour shall be aimed at developing the skills to create Visually pleasing Colour Schemes based on principles of Harmony and Contrast and degree of Chromatism.
  4. Study of Textures and Texture Schemes.
  5. Study of Openings for light, shadow, shades and sciography : This assignment shall be related to openings in the building, windows, roof, lighting and its impact on visual character of the space.
  6. Study of Planar Forms : This assignment shall be aimed at creating abstract sculptures out of Mount Board, Box Board, Metal Foils and any other planar material and also exploring the adaptability of these sculptures to Architectural functions.
  7. Study of Paper Sculpture : This assignment shall include explorations of various folded paper forms and its possible use in Architectural Spaces.
  8. Study of Solids and Voids : This Assignment shall include creation of abstract and semi-abstract symbolic sculptural forms and spaces.
  9. Study of Linear Forms : Students shall be asked to create:- Wire Sculptures, Mobile Structures, Atrium sculptures, Space Sculptures, Geodesic Domes etc. for outdoor and indoor architectural spaces.
  10. Study of Fluid / Plastic Forms : This assignment shall include use of clay, plaster or any other mouldable material and create plastic and free flowing Sculptural forms.
  11. Building Appraisal : In this assignment students shall be asked to present an analytical study of the sculptural building forms and its critical appraisal of visual character.
  12. Application of Basic Design in Architecture : This assignment shall be aimed at learning to adopt compositions, murals and sculptures for semi recreational and semi functional Architectural spaces like – Children’s Play Areas, Exhibition spaces, Outdoor Dining Area, Entrance Gate of Exhibition Compound Wall, Compound Gate, Floor Patterns, Atrium or Courtyard with levels, Monumental Sculptures in Foreground of Buildings, Outdoor Recreational Spaces, Atrium Sculpture, Building Facades, Graphics on Dead Walls, Murals in Entrance Halls etc.


For more details contact - Ar. Shirish Sukhatme
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