Introduction of mobiles

Recently architects have explored the space above human height. The area in between the roof slab can be filled with planes, lines and sculptures. Staircases, wells and atriums could also be filled with space sculptures. The sculptures not only make the space more interesting but also add movement into it. The headroom spaces in waiting areas, shopping precincts and courtyards can be made more colourful and full of movement by use of these space sculptures.

Actual exercise

The headroom spaces of their own studio can be experimented with this assignment. Students can make use of nylon rope or bamboo sticks along with coloured papers, plastics, metal chains, etc and try and create interesting space sculpture.

Retrospective analysis

This assignment is challenging because students require substantial knowledge of materials before they use it. Also the student should have knowledge about its strength when hung into the space. After installation of such sculpture in space one should check whether it is equally appealing from each corner of the space.

Design Application


Help Retrospective Analysis

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